“Loving You is my Greatest Work” – Chara
KSCL-2319 ¥3,059(tax in)
2013.11.13 on sale!!

[収録曲] All Songs Produced by Chara

1. Swallowtail Butterfly 〜あいのうた〜
Co-Produced by AURORA BAND

2. やさしい気持ち(Special Kiss ver.)
Produced by Chara

3. Junior Sweet
Co-Produced by Insist

4. Kiss
Co-Produced by Yusuke Kobayashi(THE NOVEMBERS)

5. タイムマシーン
Co-Produced by Yukio Nagoshi

6. ミルク
Co-Produced by Yuji Toriyama

7. しましまのバンビ
Co-Produced by mabanua

8. 永遠を知らないか
Co-Produced by Yusuke Kobayashi(THE NOVEMBERS)

9. 話して尊いその未来のことを
Co-Produced by Yusuke Kobayashi(THE NOVEMBERS)

10. 月と甘い涙
Co-Produced by mighty mono(Taka Hirose × mabanua)

11. Break These Chain
Co-Produced by agraph

12. 世界
Co-Produced by AURORA BAND

Chara debuted 22 years ago. She’s made 17 albums and written more than
200 songs. From all that work, Chara has chosen 12 songs to remake for JEWEL,
including fan favorites like Swallowtail Butterfly and Yasashii Kimochi,
and others, even from her independent work. They’re been rearranged by
veteran producers and the best young talent, to add new nuance and color.
Chara hopes that anyone who loves, or who has loved, will reminisce with
this soundtrack. This album is for you.